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Eye testing


​Although we have had a DNA test for PRA crd3 ... an hereditary eye condition causing loss of sight ... since 2010, the UK breed clubs are in agreement that breeders should continue to regularly monitor their breeding stock for other ocular (eye) conditions. A number of congenital and hereditary eye conditions have been reported in the breed ... but so far, the numbers of affected Glens are very small.

Both UK breed clubs provide "best practice" guidance to breeders in their Codes of Ethics:

  • "Both parents to have an up-to-date eye test certificate at time of mating i.e. within the twelve months prior to mating" (EFG)

  • "Ideally, breeding stock to have regular eye tests ...... at least every 24 months until the age of 10 years" (EFG)

  • "It is recommended that all dogs should still be eye-tested periodically ..." (GOITA)

Breeders: For more information about eye testing under the BVA/KC Eye Scheme, please see the box below:.

Puppy buyers: Ask the breeder about Eye testing


Eye testing of breeding stock should be done by a certified veterinary ophthalmologist, under the BVA/KC Eye Scheme. The test involves putting eye drops into your Glen's eyes to dilate the pupils, and then examining the eyes in a darkened room.


Where can I get my Glen eye tested in the UK?

The Kennel Club lists eye testing sessions on their "Find a health testing clinic" page.

  • Please click here for details

Our Dogs weekly canine newspaper lists discounted group eye testing sessions around the country.

  • Please click here to find a session near you (updated weekly)

  • See COVID update above

You can book an eye test with a BVA appointed eye panellist.

  • Please click here, then scroll down to 'For breeders' and see 'Booking a CHS eye examination' to arrange an eye test


Results will be marked on the eye examination certificate as either 'Clinically Unaffected' or 'Clinically Affected' for the listed eye conditions, and for the different parts of the eye that are examined. Please discuss the significance of any “Affected” results with the veterinary ophthalmologist conducting the test. Results are published in the Kennel Club's quarterly Breed Records Supplement, and on the Health Test Results Finder.

UK owners

Please check that your Glen's result is published on the Kennel Club's Health Test Results Finder ... and that the result is correct!


For any queries or corrections, please contact the Kennel Club's Health & Breeder Services department:

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