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Skin problems

The predisposition to develop skin problems, which are often associated with allergies, can be passed onto offspring. If either the sire or dam of a litter suffer with severe skin problems ... and especially if they require medication such as Apoquel or Cytopoint ... there is a possibility that their puppies may also go on to develop skin problems.


The cycle of itching & scratching, and the damage to skin this causes, is distressing and debilitating for the dog. And for owners, it is stressful to see the suffering and distress of the dog. Long-term treatment for skin problems can be costly.

The UK breed clubs do not currently have any "best practice" guidelines for breeders ... but common-sense principles can be applied to try to minimise the risk of producing more Glens affected with these distressing issues i.e. avoid breeding from Glens with severe skin issues.

N.B. If you are in the UK, please notify the GOITA & EFG health coordinators if your Glen is diagnosed with a skin condition that requires ongoing treatment. 


Puppy buyersAsk the breeder about skin problems

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