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Below are links to health survey reports, and information about Glen research projects.


Data from health surveys can help inform breed health strategy and influence future health research initiatives.


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Health surveys

2018 : UK Breed Clubs

Pedigree Breed Summary

This online & paper survey was carried out by the EFG & GOITA in 2018 for UK-resident Glens. A total of 111 responses were received for 90 live and 21 deceased Glens.

2014 : Worldwide

Glen of Imaal Terrier Health Survey Report (2014)

This online survey was run over a period of 10 weeks at the end of 2014. A total of 379 responses were received for 334 live Glens and 45 deceased Glens. There were 128 responses for  UK-resident Glens.

2014 : UK Kennel Club

Pedigree Breed Health Survey (2014)

This online survey received responses for 33 live Glens and 3 deceased Glens (UK),

2004 : UK Kennel Club 

Purebred Dog Health Survey for Glen of Imaal Terriers (2004)

Survey forms were received for 55 live Glens and 6 deceased Glens (UK).

Tailed, brindle Glen of Imaal Terrier standing



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2015 : Glen of Imaal Terrier Population Analysis 1980 - 2014 : (UK Kennel Club)

The conclusions in the Glen report were that, " ... the rate of inbreeding in this breed has remained relatively steady but rather high over the whole period. There appears to be extensive use of popular dogs as sires in this breed ..."

2021 :  New INC (elbow incongruity) grading protocol

Anu Lappalainen was the principal researcher for this study, which was undertaken at the University of Helsinki, Finland. 

"One aim of the study was to develop a radiographic screening programme for short-limbed breeds. The imaging method and grading scheme for elbow dysplasia applied by the Finnish Kennel Club [and other country's Kennel Clubs] today are not suitable for short-limbed breeds as such since they do not take incongruity of the elbow joint into consideration."

  • With effect from 1st January 2021, only elbow evaluations using the new INC grading scheme are accepted by the Finnish Kennel Club for chondrodystrophic (dwarf) breeds.

  • Breeders resident outside Finland can now also make use of this new, more breed appropriate forelimb screening protocol, by visiting the INCOC website, to 'Order grading'.

  • In May 2022, the UK's Breed Health and Conservation Plan (BHCP) was published, listing PCDU as a 'Priority' health issue and calling for monitoring of the uptake of the INC grading scheme by UK breeders.

  • For more information about PCDU (premature closure of the distal ulna) and INC (elbow incongruity) grading, please see the 'PCDU and INC grading' presentation.


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